New binaries
Docker based build system is functional again. Updated binaries for Ubuntu Xenial and Trusty are available under Download.
HIPL website has moved
2016-09-05 has moved to "" because the old server will be soon decomissioned.
Fixes to midauth extensions
Christof Mroz contributed a bug fix to draft-heer-hip-middle-auth-03
Experimental docker cross-build support
Miika Komu contributed support for cross building HIPL using docker instances. Currently, only Ubuntu target is supported but Fedora is in the works.
Android support for LSIs and firewall
Juhani Toivonen contributed a performance bug fix to the LSI implementation (runs twice as fast).
Android support for LSIs and firewall
Juhani Toivonen finished porting of the hipfw module to support Android. This means that LSIs and also the firewall functionality can be used in Android.
Android port
A bug fix to the experimental Android port.
HIPL experimentation with a CERN testbed
HIP for Linux is now utilized in a testbed cloud deployment that is used for analyzing CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) data from CERN. The HIP protocol provides secure connectivity and connection management capabilities for the OpenStack based cloud.
Thanks to Salman Toor, Juhani Toivonen and Lirim Osmani. The work has been carried out in the Academy of Finland DII-HEP project led by professors Paula Eerola and Sasu Tarkoma.
DII-HEP (CMS) cluster is running HIP at
Android support
Basic support for Android is now included in the source code. See the INSTALL and manual for further instructions.
Bug fixes
Juhani Toivonen contributed fixes to switch from ipq to netfilter queue (required by latest kernels) and Paul Tötterman has contributed multiple bug fixes to the DNS proxy. Binaries are updated!
CentOS support
CentOS 6.3 images available.
New binaries rolled
New binaries are available. Updates include partial support for HIPv2, librarized HIP support and bug fixes to the NAT relay support.
HIPL Release 1.0.7
HIPL release 1.0.7 is ready for download from The release is essentially a snapshot from the trunk. Compared to the earlier release, code quality has been improved a lot mostly thanks to the contributions from the folks at Aachen. The release consists of prebuilt binaries for a number Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS).
Changes in configuration file names
Revision 6157 introduces a backwards incompatible change regarding to unifying of configuration file names. Here's a simple migration guide:

cd /etc/hip # or /usr/local/etc/hip (depending on your installation)
mv firewall_conf hipfw.conf
mv hip_cert.cnf hip_cert.conf
mv hipd_config hipd.conf
mv relay_config relay.conf
Binaries for Debian Squeeze
Binaries for Debian Squeeze are now available.
HIPL Release 1.0.6
HIPL release 1.0.6 is ready for download from The release is essentially a snapshot from the trunk. Compared to the earlier release, code quality, testing and stability has been improved a lot mostly thanks to the contributions from the folks at Aachen. The release consists of prebuilt binaries for a number Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Maemo, OpenWRT).
Binaries for Ubuntu Oneiric
Packages for Ubuntu Oneiric are available.
Mailing list archive
Freelists mailing list archive for developers is public now.
HIPL developer's mailing list
I haven't had much time to inform about things on this mailing list, sorry about that. The HIPL code is still very much alive thanks to the folks in Aachen. If you want to hear more what is happening at the development side, you can subscribe to the hipl-dev mailing list as it is now open for everyone. Beware that the list has high volume traffic. I recommend digest mode subscription for passive listeners. -Miika
New binaries available
New binaries (1.0.6-4932) available from the repositories. CentOS binaries currently not available.
HIPL Migrates to Launchpad
HIPL code and bugzilla have been migrated to launchpad. See updated download instructions for the source code.
Release 1.0.5

HIPL release 1.0.5 is out. The release includes source code and binaries for various linux distributions. The release can be accessed also using the bzr version control:

bzr checkout bzr+ssh://

The release is basically a snapshot of the current HIPL development head with some features missing from head still included (see release notes for details). We encourage you to stick on the current development head (1.0.6-xx version of the binaries or trunk in the version control) to get bug fixes to the source code.

Thanks for all of the individuals at Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki Institute for Information of Technology and especially Distributed Systems Group of RWTH Aachen University for the their contributions on HIPL software. Thanks also for Andrei Gurtov and Robert Moskowitz on their help in testing HIPL.

Code improvements

Binary version 1.0.5-6 (trunk revision 4037)

  • HIPL project transitions to use MIT license in June (see doc/COPYING)
  • A major rewrite to the autoconf/automake build system (Diego Biurrun, Tim Just)
  • Many smaller fixes to the build system (Diego Biurrun, Rene Hummen, Tim Just, Miika Komu, Tobias Heer)
  • Fixes to building with shared libraries (Tobias Heer)
  • Updates to the manual (Miika Komu)
  • Rewrite of the mobility code by Baris Boyvat
  • Bug fixes to the new mobility code (Miika)
  • Delayed handovers and other bug fixes to the mobility code (Miika)
  • Binary packaging improvements (Miika)
  • Multiple firewall bug fixes and improvements (Rene Hummen, Miika)
  • Compatibility fixes with OpenSSL 1.0.0 (Miika)
  • Restructing of the code (Tim, Rene, Tobias, Miika, Diego, Hanno, Nicolai, Samu, Mircea Gherzan)
  • Strict compilation options to improve portability and removal of gazillions of warnings (Rene Hummen, Tim Just Tobias Heer, Hanno Wirtz, Artturi Karila, Nicolai Viol, Henrik Ziegeldorf, Andrey Lukuanenko, Dmitriy Kuptsov, Samu Varjonen, Joakim Koskela, Mircea)
  • ESP relay for NAT traversal (Artturi, Miika)
  • Doxygen documentation of the code (Miika, Tobias, Samu Varjonen, Rene Hummen, Xiang Liu, Weiwei Hu, Andrey Lukuanenko, Oleg Ponomarev)
  • Cleaning up header files (Tobias, Miika, Rene, Diego, Hanno, Nicolai, Tim, Joakim, Henrik)
  • Improvements to Android build system (Suresh Kumar, Miika)
  • New patches to support HIP in tcpdump (Samu Varjonen)
  • Removed pjsip and integration to HIPL code (Miika)
  • Included SAVAH code from Dmitriy Kuptsov, later removed by Miika
  • Improvements to libinet6 code (Miika, Tatu Kilappa)
  • Removed libinet6 (Miika)
  • Improvements to libconfig integration (Rene, Miika)
  • Bug fixes to hash chain code (Rene)
  • Removed IPsec escrow code (Miika)
  • Bug fixes to lib/ipsec building (Miika, Diego, Rene)
  • Bug fixes to certificate handling (Samu)
  • Native API compilation fixes (Artturi)
  • Removed Native API (Miika)
  • Fixes to file permissions (Diego, Miika)
  • Bug fixes to DHT code (Samu, Miika)
  • HIPL compiles with clang compiler (Tobias)
  • Bug fixes to hipd transmissions (Miika)
  • Fixed memory leaks in hipd and hipfw (Miika, Tatu)
  • Compilation fixes for -O2 (Tobias)
  • Compilation fixes for _BSD_SOURCE (Rene, Diego, Mircea)
  • Maemo compilation fixes (Rene, Joakim)
  • Bzr instructions in doc/HOWTO (Rene)
  • Autobuild script for testing different compilation options (Diego)
  • Compilation fixes for blind mode (Miika)
  • Fixes to -Wredundant-decls compilaton option (Henrik)
  • R1 puzzle difficulty is now 1 (Miika)
  • Uncrustifying code base (Rene, Mircea)
  • Code indentation, coding style (Diego, Miika, Rene)
  • Improvements to OpenWRT compilation (Mircea)
  • Binary version number bumbed to 1.0.6 (Miika)
  • Eight-fold performance optimization to receiving of HIP packets (Miika, Samu)
  • BEET patch for linux kernel (Joakim Koskela)
  • Bzr commit filter (Henrik, Mircea, Rene)
    New tcpdump and wireshark images
    Miika Komu contributed new wireshark images for Ubuntu Karmic and Fedora 12. Also, new tcpdump images for Ubuntu Karmic and Fedora 12 are available. The binaries are based on the updated patches from Samu Varjonen.
    Version control

    HIPL project has transitioned from tla to bazaar (bzr). The tla/arch archive is obsoleted and will not be maintained anymore.

    We recommend running bzr 2.0.2 or higher to get the performance benefits.

    Fedora 12 seems to have up-to-date bzr already. If you are running an older Fedora, please upgrade now.

    Ubuntu karmic users, please install bzr from the launchpad e.g. as follows:

    • To avoid gpg nagging, please run:
    • gpg --keyserver --recv-keys D702BF6B8C6C1EFD
    • gpg armor export D702BF6B8C6C1EFD | sudo apt-key add -
    • and finally:
    • add to /etc/apt/sources.list:
    • deb karmic main
    • aptitude update
    • aptitude install bzr

    Other distros should have bzr binaries as well or you can install the latest version from the sources:

    Bootstrapping instructions with the version control are here:

    P.S. Web-based version control browser is work in progress...

    Code improvements

    Version 1.0.4-89 (hipl--main--2.6--patch-547)

    • Bug fixes to the GUI by Samu Varjonen
    • Bug fixes and new options to the dnsproxy from Artturi Karila and Miika Komu
    • Binary packaging fixes from Miika Komu and Rene Hummen
    • Bug fixes to DHT code from Samu
    • Memory leak and firewall bug fixes from Rene
    • Bug fixes to base exchange code
    • UDP port number has changed from 50500 to 10500 (Miika)
    • Bug fixes and code clean ups to the NAT interaction (Miika)
    • Bug id 884, 909, 910, 911, 913, 915, 920, 944, 391, 946 (Miika)
    • hiccups support from Prabhu Patil
    • Fixes to the Android port by Suresh Kumar and Joakim Koskela
    • Updating and reorganizing the manual by Miika
    • Bug fixes to registration code by Miika
    • ESP relay for the ICE code by Artturi
    • Bug fix to hit-to-ip code by Miika Komu and Tim Just
    • Bug id 916 by Artturi
    • Maemo compilation fixes to the maemo code by Joakim Koskela
    • PISA code from the PISA development team in RWTH Aachen distributed systems lab
    • Hosts file fix from Artturi Karila
    • Extensive update code rewrite from Baris Boyvat
    • Compilation fixes from Tobias Heer
    • Improvements to the mobility code (testing, minor bug fixes, lack of heart beat triggers mobility, delayed handovers) by Miika
    • Bug fixes to close code by Miika
    Code improvements

    Project discontinues to support prebuilt binary packages for Ubuntu Jaunty and has switched to support Ubuntu Karmic.

    Binary Packaging

    Version 1.0.4-67 (hipl--main--2.6--patch-517)

    • Android port (Suresh Kumar)
    • Bug fixes to DHT code (Samu Varjonen)
    • Bug fixes to ICE code (Xiang Liu and Miika)
    • Updated manual (Miika, Samu, Suresh)
    • Bug fixes to hipconf and LSI handling (Artturi)
    • Improvements to the DNS proxy (Artturi and Miika)
    • Improvements to the "shotgun" mode (Miika Komu)
    • New libhipcore library (Miika)
    • UDP port related fixes (Miika)
    • Memory leak fixes to hipfw (Rene Hummen)
    • Interoperability fixes for OpenHIP (Miika)
    • Interface white listing (Wolfram Fischer)
    • Faster daemon start for Ubuntu (Miika)
    • New experimental HIP patches for tcpdump (Samu)
    • Updates to maemo packaging scripts (Joakim)
    • Signature related bug fixes (Miika)
    • Bug id 879, 890 (Artturi)
    • Bug ids 75, 874, 880, 881, 887, 893, 896, 897, 900, 901 (Miika)
    Code improvements

    Version 1.0.4-48 (hipl--main--2.6--patch-468)

    • Port support for DHT code (Samu Varjonen)
    • The InfraHIP II test servers are running now OpenLookup v2 (Miika Komu and Samu Varjonen)
    • New patches for wireshark (Samu). Binaries available from contrib (Miika)
    • New experimental HIP patches for tcpdump (Samu)
    • Upgraded pjsip to 1.1 (Miika)
    • Minor bug fixes to dnsproxy, including bug id 812 (Miika)
    • Upgraded libipsec from 0.6.6 to 0.7.2 (Miika)
    • Bug fixes to DHT code, including bug id 842 and 855 (Samu and Miika)
    • Updated documentation on VLC, ICE, NFSv3, iperf and bug reporting. Fixed bug id 712 (Miika)
    • Dnsproxy is now asynchronous and supports serialization (Antti Louko)
    • Multiple improvements and bug fixes to the dnsproxy (Artturi Karila)
    • The HIP daemon builds again without the agent (Thomas Jansen)
    • Fixed some segmentation faults occurring during stress testing of responder (Miika)
    • Some improvements related to mobility, including bug ids 370, 676 and 864 (Miika)
    Code improvements

    Version 1.0.4-30 (hipl--main--2.6--patch-468)

    • Improvements in the manual (Miika Komu)
    • Bug fixes to dnsproxy and improvements (Miika and Antti Louko)
    • A mem leak fix to certificate code (Thomas Jansen)
    • Comments in hipconf code (Dongsu Park)
    • Userspace ipsec and firewall bug fixes and improvements (Rene Hummen, Miika Komu, Dmitriy Kuptsov, Joakim Koskela, Dmitriy Kuptsov)
    • Updates to OpenWRT support and patches (Dongsu)
    • IPv4/IPv6 transformation support in RVS/Relay (Miika)
    • Packaging improvements (Miika)
    • Bug fixes and improvements to NAT traversal (Xiang Liu and Miika Komu)
    • HIT-to-IP bug fixes (Oleg Ponomarev)
    • New patches for bind (Oleg Ponomarev)
    • A new version of HIP add-on to firefox (Artturi Karila)
    • Bug fixes to opportunistic mode (Artturi)
    • Minimal support for hiccups-01 (Miika)
    • Updates wireshark patches (Samu Varjonen, Miika)
    • Improvements to HMACs with RVS and Relay (Miika Komu)
    • DHT code bug fixes (Samu)
    • Fault-tolerance extensions to base exchange (Baris)
    • Hash-chain support improvements (Rene)
    • Memory leak bug fixes (Artturi)
    • Performance improvements to base exchange (Artturi)
    • hipsock compilation fixes (Artturi)
    • Bamboo start up scripts updated (Miika)
    Firefox extension

    Artturi Karila has updated the firefox extension (works now with firefox 3) which informs the user (similarly to TLS) when HIP is being used for the HTTP connection. Download it from here.

    Release 1.0.4

    Release 1.0.4 has been published. Binary repositories are available for easier installation in Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS and Maemo.

    Code improvements


    • Nsupdate code fixes from Oleg Ponomarev and Miika Komu
    • Daemon loopback UDP port changed by Miika
    • RPM and DEB packaging improvements by Miika
    • Bug ids 603, 679, 681, 694, 699, 703, 707, 714, 716 by Miika
    • LSI caching improvements by Blerta Bishaj
    • Updates to the manual and HACKING by Miika
    • Java-based native API works again (by Artturi Karila)
    • Dnsproxy bug fixes compatibility with dnsmasq and resolvconf by Miika and Antti Louko
    • Hi3 is not built in anymore (Joakim Koskela)
    • Uuid dependency removed and alternative priviledge separation mode by Joakim
    • Maemo packaging bug fixes by Joakim
    • Opportunistic mode bug fixes by Blerta
    • Linux kernel 2.6.26 patch added by Joakim
    • hipconf crash with too many args bug fixes by Joakim
    • Maintainer info in packages updated by Miika
    • New wireshark patches by Dongsu Park
    • Nsupdate improvements from Oleg Ponomarev
    • OpenWRT documentation updates by Dongsu Park
    • DHT bug fixes from Artturi
    • OpenWRT portability improvements from Dongsu Park
    • Bug id 709 by Oleg
    Code improvements


    • Userspace IPsec improvements and optimizations by Rene Hummen
    • OpenWRT documentation improvements by Dongsu Park
    • Manual updates by Miika Komu, Samu Varjonen and Oleg Ponomarev
    • Bug fixes to HIP control packet broadcast by Miika
    • LSI-related bug fixes and optimizations by Blerta Bishaj and Miika
    • DNS-related bug fixes to libinet6 by Miika
    • VNC documentation in the manul by Samu
    • Scripts to automatize handover testing by Samu
    • Hipconf documentation updates by Dongsu Park
    • Bug ids 502, 503, 662, 666 and 668 by Miika
    • Teredo compatibility testing by Samu
    • Bug id 663 by Samu
    • Example configuration file updates by Blerta and Miika
    • Privilege dowgrade fixes by Miika, Dongsu and Joakim Koskela
    • Improvements to by Miika
    • Registration with opportunistic mode by Dmitriy Kuptsov
    • Daemontools improvements by Antti Louko
    • Dnsproxy improvements by Antti Louko and Blerta Bishaj
    • Mobility-related bug fixes to hipfw by Thomas Jansen
    • Bug id 646 by Blerta
    • Native HIP API fixes and synchronization with latest draft by Artturi Karila
    • Firewall caching improvements by Blerta Bishaj
    • DHT and GUI updates by Pardeep Maheshwaree
    • DHT integration and testing by Blerta
    • Puzzle management improvements by Blerta
    • Hi3 code improvements by Blerta
    • Experimental nsupdate extension from Oleg Ponomarev
    Bug fixes


    • Code clean ups by Lauri Silvennoinen and Miika Komu
    • New wireshark patches from Samu Varjonen
    • Testing on Fedora by Andrei Gurtov
    • Testing on CentOS by Robert Moskowitz
    • Bug fixes on Fedora and CentOS by Miika
    • Integration with 2.6.26 kernels by Miika
    • UDP-related bug fixes by Samu and Miika
    • Userspace IPsec code and performance improvements and extensions by Rene Hummen
    • Bug fixes to LSI code by Teresa Finez and Miika
    • MTU improvements by Miika and Rene. For example VLC is working fully now.
    • Separate rulesets for hipfw by Miika
    • Capability-related bug fixes by Miika and Samu
    • Portability improvements and bug fixes for OpenWRT by Dongsu Park and Dmitriy Kuptsov
    • Maemo portability fixes from Andrey Khurri
    • HIP proxy bug fixes and code improvements by Weiwei Hu and Miika
    • Cerficate support for HIP by Samu
    • End-to-end NAT traversal bug fixes from Xiang Liu
    • Only single HIT is now enabled by default per host (Blerta Bishaj and Miika)
    • Dnsproxy packaging improvements by Miika
    • Larger message size for internal messages by Blerta
    • HIP firewall bug fixing and improvements by Dongsu, Miika, Rene, Blerta and Teresa
    • Dnsproxy improvements by Antti Louko
    • System-based opportunistic mode by Blerta and bug fixes from Miika
    • Heart-beat mechanism by Samu and bug fixes from Miika
    • LDAP/HIP documentation updates by Samu
    • Hipconf ESP transformation support by Samu
    • Bug fix to conntest-server udp handling (bug id 623) by Miika
    • HIP agent bug fixes by Samu and Miika
    • Radvd/hipfw compability fixes by Miika
    • HIT loopback bug fixes by Miika
    • Handover-improvement patch for radvd by Javier Melero
    • Mobility testing by Samu
    New Features and Code Improvements


    • Bug fixes and improvements to tools/dnsproxy (it is a replacement to "hipconf run") by Antti Louko. Replaces itself automatically to resolv.conf and removes itself in exit.
    • Djbdns imported and patches by Antti Louko. Djbdns speeds up the DNS proxy.
    • Iperf multihoming patches from Dmitriy Kuptsov.
    • Improvements to the "opportunistic TCP" mode by Blerta Bishaj.
    • Improvements to the Relay, RVS and registration code by Lauri Silvennoinen.
    • OpenDHT/Bamboo IPv6 patch by Lu Xiaopeng
    • Revised wireshar patches from Samu Varjonen
    • A number of bug fixes from Thomas Jansen
    • Broadcast problem bug fix (id 490) by Juha Jylhäkoski
    • Deb/rpm binary compilation improvements by Juha Jylhäkoski, Miika Komu and Johnny Hughes
    • BEET patches for linux 2.6.25/26 by Joakim Koskela
    • Native HIP API kernel patches by Miika Komu
    • Bug fixes to OpenDHT code by Samu Varjonen
    • UDP encapsulation changes for HIP and ESP by Miika Komu. Incompatible with previous release.
    • Hipconf checks now priviledges of the user. Implemented by Juha Jylhäkoski and Miika Komu
    • Some code documentation and quality improvements (especially the test software) by Lauri Silvennoinen
    • Host id parameter alignments to RFC5201 by Samu Varjonen
    • Firewall redesigned and reimplemented by Miika Komu and Rene Hummen
    • HIP Proxy by Weiwei Hu
    • Userspace IPsec by Rene Hummen and Tao Wan
    • Porting fixes by Dmitriy Kuptsov and Dongsu Park
    • Compilation fixes by Dongsu Park
    • Capability 64-bit fix by Oleg Ponomarev
    • OpenVPN compatibility documentation by Blerta Bishaj
    • LSI support by Teresa Finez
    • Initial P2P NAT traversal support by Xiang Liu (experimental)
    • Updated HOWTO (Miika)
    • Variable length Host Identities by Artturi Karila
    • System information printed to logs by Artturi Karila
    • Priviledge downgrade for GUI and firewall by Artturi Karila
    • Mobility code maintenance by Samu Varjonen
    • Opportunistic mode support in the firewall by Blerta Bishaj
    • Imported pjsip project to HIPL (Miika)
    Code Improvements


    • Iperf and nc6 multihoming patch by Dmitriy Nikolaevich Kuptsov
    • Advanced opportunistic mode by Blerta Bishaj
    • Firewall improvements by Blerta Bishaj
    • Clean ups to software documentation and test software by Lauri Silvennoinen
    • Bug id 418, 321, 384 solved (Lauri)
    • Relay/RVS whitelisting, cancellation and registration improvements by Lauri
    • IPv6 patch for OpenDHT by Lu Xiaopeng
    • Miscellaneous bug and compilation fixes by Thomas Jansen
    • Wireshark 1.0.0 HIP patches by Thomas Jansen and Samu Varjonen
    • Deb/rpm binary compilation improvements by Juha Jylhäkoski
    • BEET patch for 2.6.25 by Joakim Koskela
    • Bug fixing to mobility by Samu Varjonen and Miika Komu
    • Bug id 508, 509 by Miika
    Code improvements and bug fixes

    hipl--main--2.6--patch-317 contains some bug fixes related to:

    • patches/2.6.24/orchid-router-src-addr-sel.patch helps the use of HIP in routers (Juha-Matti Tapio).
    • Updates in HOWTO (Miika Komu, Samu Varjonen, Antti Louko)
    • Deb/rpm packaging improvements (Juha Jylhäkoski)
    • Bugfixes to mobility (Samu Varjonen)
    • Improvements to UDP-HIP broadcasts (Miika Komu)
    • A bug fix to HIP broadcasts (Juha Jylhäkoski)
    • Internal API for triggering base exchange (Miika Komu)
    • Hi3 related improvements (Andrey Lukyanenko)
    • Python based DNS proxy reduces the need for libinet6. Can be run also at the client and server side. (Antti Louko)
    Bug fixes

    hipl--main--2.6--patch-314 contains some bug fixes related to:

    • Updates to manual (Miika Komu)
    • Loopback improvements (Miika)
    • Firewall improvements and bug fixes (Miika, Blerta Bishaj)
    • HIP protocol number changed from 253 to 139 (Miika)
    • Kernel patches for 2.6.24 (Joakim Koskela)
    • Bug fixes to debugging functions (Miika Komu)
    • Hi3 bug fixes and handling of multiple locators (Andrey Lukyanenko)
    Release 1.0.3
    Bug fixes

    hipl--main--2.6--patch-299 contains some bug fixes related to:

    • Handling of /etc/hip/dhtservers (Samu Varjonen)
    • OpenDHT now DHT contains LOCATORs (Samu)
    • test/ gets a full list of OpenDHT servers (Miika)
    • Be aware that the OpenDHT deployment in planetlab is flaky!
    • Bug fixes to multihoming (Miika)
    Bug fixes

    hipl--main--2.6--patch-295 includes bug fixes to GUI (Samu Varjonen), Nokia tablet platform (Joakim Koskela) and multihoming (Miika Komu). It also contains UDP support for the firewall (Blerta Bishaj). Thanks for Jeff Ahrenholz for successful interoperability tests with OpenHIP, HIPL and Ericsson implementations (base exchange and update).

    DNS related scripts

    hipl--main--2.6--patch-293 includes DNS related scripts in the tools directory. The scripts can be used for converting public keys in /etc/hip to DNS server format. BIND9 and tinydns implementation formats are supported. Documented in the manual. Developed by Antti Louko.

    Code improvements

    hipl--main--2.6--patch-291 includes the following improvements:

    • opportunistic mode works again with firefox (Alberto Garcia)
    • documentation on running HIP with apache web proxy (Alberto Garcia)
    • documentation tips on running sendmail and spamassassin with HIP (Miika)
    • added some missing kernel modules to module probing (Miika, reported by Orlie Brewer)
    hi3 support

    hipl--main--2.6--patch-289 includes integrated and rewritten support for hi3. There is no need download separate i3 sources anymore. Read HOWTO for usage instructions. The enchanced hi3 support was developed and tested by Andrey Lukuanenko.

    hi3 provides support for sending HIP packets through an overlay. See Hi3 report

    Bugs existing for hi3 support: 408, 413, 414, 415, 416. See bugzilla for details.

    Code improvements
    New features on hipl--main--2.6--patch-285
    • Mobility related changes from Samu Varjonen: revised mobility code, interfamily handover support and locators in base exchange (needs to be enabled separately, off by default)
    • Kernel patches for 2.6.23 are available in the archive. 64-bit support is now better in patches (Samu Varjonen).
    Code Improvements
    We have been lately just fixing bugs from the code in anticipation of the next release. The latest version (hipl--main--2.6--patch-279) contains following improvements:
    • Improvements for 64-bit platforms (Antti Partanen. Oleg Ponomarev)
    • Updated manual (Miika Komu, Alberto Garcia)
    • Key exchange triggering related bug fixes (Miika)
    • OpenDHT bug fixes (Samu Varjonen)
    • Libinet6 resolver related bug fixes (Alberto)
    • Opportunistic mode fixes (Alberto / Miika))
    • Packet retransmission bug fixes (Miika, verified by Javier Melero)
    • Retransmission timeout is now 10 secs (Miika)
    • NAT code bug fixes (Miika)
    • bug fixes to RVS (Miika / Lauri Silvennoinen)
    • Hi3 bug fixing, not working yet (Andrey Lukuanenko)
    • "hipconf get ha all" displays now more information (Miika)
    • RPM compilation fixes (Miika)
    • Initiator restart fixes (Miika)
    • New test pages for ashenvale and crossroads (Alberto, see doc/
    New features
    New features on hipl--main--2.6--patch-270
    • BEET patches for 2.6.22 kernels (Joakim Koskela)
    • Hipd sends I1 to broadcast address as the last resource when it cannot find a locator mapping from hosts/DNS/OpenDHT. Try e.g. ping6 HIT with no hosts configuration (Miika Komu)
    • Limited mobility support for client-side in NATted environments. Non-standard feature for experimentation purposes (Miika Komu)
    Security and Code Improvements
    HIP daemon is running with reduced privileges starting from hipl--main--2.6--patch-258 (Jai Kumar, Miika Komu). Some bug fixes to mobility (Andrey Lukyanenko, Miika Komu) and enhancements to opendht support (Samu Varjonen).
    Release 1.0.2 is out!
    HIPL Release 1.0.2 kernel and userspace binaries are out.
    Some recent code improvements
    hipl--main--2.6--patch-242 contains some miscellaneous improvements:
    • Three HIPL test servers listed in theHOWTO
    • Andrey Lukyanenko has done some bug fixing to the handovers (id 332)
    • Jai Kumar added support for security policies based on HIT prefix /28 (id 98). Now you can e.g. "ping6 2001::001xx" directly as long as your you have configured your hosts files correctly or you are using opendht.
    New kernel image and HIPL packages for Nokia 770
    New HIP-enabled kernel 2.6.16 image and HIPL userspace packages have been built under maemo 2.2 gregale SDK to be used on Nokia 770 Internet Tablet with the latest OS 2006 IT version 3.2006.49-2. Documentation has been also updated. Check it out here!
    New BEET kernel patches
    BEET kernel patches for and released in the HIPL source code.
    New pages released
    New InfraHIP pages have been released. Hope you enjoy the new looks ;)
    Latest version
    We have done multiple bug fixes in the latest version of HIPL. See a summary of the most important bug fixes. Currently, Samu is working on to get rid of blocking calls in OpenDHT and Diego is working on fixing bugs in handover mechanisms.
    Release 1.0.1
    Release 1.0.1 has been released.
    Improvements in the opportunistic code.
    Samu has improved the OpenDHT code. Bagri has improved the mobility and multihoming support and it supports the latest draft versions. IPv4 type of addresses are supported also in the hipd.
    Firefox plugin for HIP
    Firefox plugin for HIP. This plugin shows whether you are using HIP or not in same kind of way than https connection is shown.
    Release 1.0.0
    Release 1.0.0 is out!


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