HIPL is licensed under GPLv2 until June 2010. After this, the license of the code developed for the HIPL project changes from GPLv2 to MIT (Expat license). See doc/COPYING for the details.

Source Code

There are multiple ways to get HIPL source code: binary release, bazaar and the nightly tarball. If you want a well tested source code, download the latest release.

If you want the bleeding edge and faster bug fixes, bazaar is probably the best way for you. If you want to just "try out" once the bleeding edge version of the software bundle without any version control hassle, the nightly tarball is your choice. All these ways are explained below. If you find yourself puzzled about which download method to choose for HIPL software, we currently recommend "the bazaar" download. See different download methods in more detail below.


Releases are well tested, freezed versions of the source code. You can download the source code for the release directly from here. Download either a complete source or a source kit (userspace source and a kernel patch).

As an alternative to the above direct download, you can download a complete release using bazaar too. To download a release using bazaar, read the instructions below about downloading source code using bazaar. Follow the instructions, except replace "2.6/main" with "xx/release" (where xx is the release number, like 0.1).

Nightly Tarball

A tarball is automatically created from the latest main branch each night. You can download it from here (size is about 2 MB). The ChangeLog is included in the doc subdirectory.

Unpack the tarball and change directory to the main directory. See the README and HOWTO files for instructions on building the documentation and source code. The HOWTO includes also the information on using the java based HIP API. See doc/HACKING file for development instructions.


Developers with commit rights should tell their launchpad id to bzr as follows (check your profile for launchpad id):

bzr launchpad-login 

To check out HIPL main branch from version control, install bazaar (version 2.0.2 or higher) and type the following:

  1. bzr init-repo hipl-bzr
  2. cd hipl-bzr
  3. bzr co lp:hipl trunk

Please refer to doc/HACKING in the checkout for further instructions regarding to version control. Note that bazaar commit logs are sent to a mailing list.

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